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What other services do you provide besides Coaching & Business Consulting?

As a skilled corporate trainer & facilitator, I provide customized training on core “soft-skills” and interpersonal topics such as communication, change management, on-the-job coaching skills, leadership development, customer focus and various team development activities.  

Thanks to my 20+ years of Toyota experience, I also provide content training for lean thinking/processes and problem solving – both being Toyota concepts & content.

My meeting or event facilitation skills, whether virtual or in-person, are positively unique due to my years of living in various countries and working in global, pan-European, and national roles in the United States and Italy.

What types of coaching do you provide?

As a passionate & skilled knitter, I can provide coaching to improve one’s knitting skills!... only joking!  Let’s save the knitting training for my next venture in a few years…

In all seriousness, my current focus is on business coaching and consulting as this is where my expertise is proven.  As my website and offer evolves, you’ll soon have access to “pilot” content from my custom “on-boarding workbook”.  Effective & efficient “on-boarding”, especially for Executive & Management levels, is a particular focus area of mine and I look forward to providing a custom package (workbook & coaching) offered in the new future! 

In addition, during COVID-lockdown, I became more interested in my overall health & fitness. This, coupled with my continuous desire to help others, led to my decision to pursue certication as a health coach.  Watch this space as from November 2021, my services will include health & wellness coaching!

I need support and want to improve my business management, leadership and/or overall self-performance but I’m not sure what exactly I need.  How do I know if you can help me?

There is only one way to find out!  Contact me.  Let’s have a no-pressure, genuine and open conversation, and we will both know the answer within 30 minutes.  That’s a promise and it only costs you 15- 30 minutes of your time!

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